Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getting Married?

If you are, congratulations!  My etsy friend and seller, rtisan, has a lovely collection of beautifully handmade bridal hair fascinators, veils, and bridal jewelry.  She will do custom orders, too, so matching your bridal accessories to your wedding colors is easy!  She also has a lovely supply of handmade body sprays and bath soaks which would make wonderful gifts for your bridesmaids (or anyone else, for that matter).

How about wedding invitations?  My etsy friend and seller, Drum Chick Designs, offers you beautifully made handmade rubber stamps, perfect for making your own wedding invitations!

Ok, so now you're fairly set.  You've got your dress, you've got all your pretty bridal hair accessories, jewelry, and bridal gifts from rtisan, you've got your rubber stamp from Drum Chick Designs for the invitations.  The day is fast approaching and you need just one more item--a manicure.

Well, here you go.  My etsy friend and seller, Saburkitty, has the most beautiful artificial nails in the world, positively perfect for your wedding.  They are miniature works of art and she has a wide variety of styles to choose from.  Stop by her shop to find the ones you simply have to have!

Once again, congratulations!  May your married life be full of dreams and abundance.  :-)

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